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S3, E1 Think Outside The Box With This Tool

Aug 24, 2020


WARNING: We talk about suicide in this episode so if that's a trigger, please skip this episode. I am NOT a doctor nor am I giving you advice. Just sharing my experience so you remember you're not alone.


Business success requires creativity. 

Some of you just died a little inside. Most likely because you started thinking about artsy fartsy things, but I don't want you to worry because that's not the kind of creativity we're talking about today. We're talking about creative thinking. 


If you're lost and wondering why this is so important I'll just name a few things creative thinking is responsible for:

  1. Innovation
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Ingenuity 

Are you sold yet? 

Look, when people think of innovation they think of Apple or high tech companies and in reality innovation isn't only for those big tech brands. It helped me go from a 1:1 business coach and speaker to creating something special in the midst of a pandemic. I talk a little about it in this episode, but you can also check it out here.

This mindset tool is something you need to intentionally practice, but once you do it'll become a natural way for you to process. I've been using it for over 2 decades and it has helped me change my life on MANY occasions. I'm sharing it with you because it's something all of us should know how to do. The best part? It isn't difficult to learn. 

Scouts honor. (Although I'm not a scout so does that still count?)

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