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S2, E16 Are You Building a Money Prison or a Business You Love?

Feb 18, 2020

So you left your job. Or maybe you're building your business on the side in the hopes of one day leaving that 9-5 behind. If so, how do you build a business that doesn't have the same problems as your last J-O-B? Are you building a money prison or creating a business you love? 

Today's episode will be exciting for you planner our there. If you are one of the non-planners aka you rolled your eyes - I was you, but let me just invite you over to the other side. It's great over here, I promise!

All teasing aside, we will cover:

  1. Questions to consider if you want to make sure you're building a business you love vs. a money prison
  2. A Mindset Check to make sure you are building from the right space
  3. Step-by-step process of how I build my calendar for the day, week, month and year

I know it can seem daunting, but I can count on my hands the things that have changed the trajectory of my business and planning is one of those things. If you're stuck, what do you have to lose?

Get your notepad out and press play. Happy listening!

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