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S2, E13 From Immigrant to Entrepreneur

Jan 31, 2020

There's so much to learn from the women around us. No matter our age, race, experience, journey or trajectory in life - we have something to teach and something to learn. Today's episode is a podcast interview  with Karla Montalvan. She's the youngest entrepreneur I've interviewed so far, but her story is beautiful and deep. 

What's funny is that she came on to the show to talk about podcast pitching, but in the pre-chat I learned about her and had to share her story as well. It's such an inspiration to meet women who take charge of their lives and make the moves to change it. 

Not to worry we do go into podcast pitching as well.

When pitching for yourself to be a guest:

  • Don't send mass emails.
  • Do treat the host as a human being and not a platform.

When asking guests to appear on your show:

  • Do think about who your ideal guests would be, consider what they bring to the table and find guests that fit that profile.
  • Don't forget that you are providing an opportunity for your guests to be heard. 

Okay, I won't keep you any longer. Go and listen in to the episode. Don't forget to grab those gifts she mentioned right here:

Free 20-minute call: How to Start Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Free guide: Employee to Entrepreneur

More About Karla:

Karla Montalvan is a marketer, entrepreneur, consultant, owner and lead writer of "I Was Here." Karla helps teams and individuals develop leadership skills, cooperation management, and focus on a humanistic approach to business collaboration. Karla believes in effective teamwork and enhancing the skills of others. She provides specific training to her clients and guides them throughout their entrepreneurship process. 

Karla's goals are to help others expand their visions and achieve their dreams. As a Millennial business owner, she believes in working smart, optimizing value for money, and providing low-investment business opportunities for aspiring business owners while spending time on the activities she loves. Currently, she focuses on inspiring other young professionals to leap into entrepreneurship to expand impact and collaboration, whilst leading her network marketing team. 

She is also multi-lingual, with fluency in Spanish, English, Portuguese and intermediate level French. 

To connect with Karla check her out on InstagramFacebook and her website right here.

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