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S2, E12 Shut Out the Noise and Get Aligned

Jan 24, 2020

Hey my beautiful people! I have got to say, 2020 has been such an amazing jumpstart. I don't know that it's really the start of a new year or more so the fact that the last year was all about rebranding and shifting the sails of my boat and January is the culmination of that shift. So many new things are happening this year and it is exciting AF! 

What's truly exciting is that it all feels really f*ckin' good. It's perfectly in line with my BIG HUGE GARGANTUAN vision and it feels like coming home. That is, if coming home is a place of zen and not a loading dock of drama. 

In today's episode I talk about what shifted, how it shifted and why I recommend this to EVERYONE. EVERYONE. Maybe you are already there, but as I'm in recovery, a recovering asian that is (do you know what I'm talking about?), even though I knew how to create a life that feels good and live my success, it does NOT mean I was good at blocking out everyone else's opinion of how I should be and do things. Now if I don't know you, like you or care about your 2 cents, then yes, I can ignore you, buuuuut if I love you and respect you - it's gonna affect me. For the record, the advice I got was about empowerment and valuing myself, but I kept making it mean that I had to do my business in a specific way and it just never quite fit right. It's like putting on a pair of jeans that "fit" except that it didn't make me feel amazing or give me that perky butt look. 

I don't want to keep you from this episode because it is fire! So go on and listen in. LOVE YOU and thanks for listening!!!

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