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E12 How I Finally Started Showing Up For My Business & Life

May 30, 2019

What would it take to have the life and business you want? Today we flip the script and I am being interviewed! Deanne Barrett of Radiant Mom invited me to be on her live show and she so kindly let me share it on my podcast. In this interview we talk about the looooong build up to my business and how I manage having 3 kids and being my own boss. For the record, this is not an episode of how I do it all. Can you do it all? Yes, with help. What that help looks like will differ from person to person and story to story. Hopefully, my story bursts any ideas that you might have about managing it all on your own. I'd be a hot mess if that were true. 

Deanne and I talk about work and life and being intentional if you want to create your ideal life. I had to make some tough choices, but those choices have brought me more happiness and freedom than I could have imagined. Is it easy? Bahahahaha, of course not. Nothing worth having comes easy, but daaaaaang it's so worth it. 

 We talk about the Life Map in this episode and if you do the work, the Life Map is a game changer. I literally went through the long circuitous route to get here and the Life Map is meant to help you take a straighter and shorter path to creating the life you deserve. Download it here and stop waiting for one day.

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